Your Pool and Patio Furniture

Pool and patio furniture


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Summer Classics Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer


-Provides overall direction and guidance to the designers and design activities


-Conceptual and technical drawings for Summer Classics product
-Conceptual and technical drawings for Parker International product
-Review Approve technical drawing produced by suppliers
-Revision drawings for product changes
-Assembly drawings for SC product
-Conceptual and technical drawings for Summer Classics product
-Conceptual and technical drawings for Parker International product
-Revision drawings for product changes
-Contract layout drawings

Design Requirements

-Excellent skills in sketching and relevant design software (Photoshop and Illustrator), knowledge in CAD modeling tools, e.g. Rhinoceros.

-3-5 years experience in industrial furniture design preferred but recent graduates are encouraged to apply.

Product Development
      -Align and communicate with the Senior Management team regarding the development and timing of product launches

-Follow annual schedule for product development

-Communicate with liaisons and the manufacturers to discuss timeline, changes to samples being produced, etc.

-Travel to manufacturer’s facilities as needed throughout the year to work on new product design and manufacturing

-Approve final design of new samples

-Create annual schedule for product development
-Develop and maintain samples spreadsheets with information for all new product
-Place sample purchase orders


-Lead photoshoot activites
-Go to each photoshoot
-Track and record all photoshoot samples as they come in from overseas
-Maintain organization in samples area and stage photoshoots

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The Environment and Your Patio Furniture

Find the right patio furniture for your environment. Many people may not know or understand the impact the environment has on the longevity of your outdoor furniture.

To help you better understand which materials work in which environments, we’ve created this simple post to explain what outdoor collections work in each environment.


The Marina collection and St. Croix collection are just two of the nine collections in the Bayside destination.

Bayside collections are designed for moderate exposure to marine environments such as bays, brackish rivers and lakes. These groups feature mostly woven frames which provide increased UV and salt spray resistance.       


The Westport and Lauren collections are two of the twelve collection in the Inland destination.

These collections perform best when not within one mile of harsh ocean front environments. All of these collections have sand cast elements, which can be prone to corrosion overtime when exposed to harsh ocean front elements. 


The Rustic and Sedona collections are two of the eight collections with the Ocean designation. Collections in the Ocean category are designed for harsh ocean front environments. These collections have the highest UV and salt spray resistance in the industry.

What type of patio furniture do you have in your outdoor space? Let us know by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page!

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New Outdoor Furniture Collections

In 2011, Summer Classics introduced  5 innovative and timeless collection for 2012.


Created with an exclusive Summer Classics rope using select Sunbrella fibers, the Marina Collection invokes images of afternoon boat tours, lakeside sunsets, and a welcome escape from the norm. This handcrafted, long-lasting rope guarantees you years of enjoyment. Embrace the spirit of the islands with the Summer Classics Marina Collection.

The Marina Collection offers deep seating lounge chairs, Sofa, Ottoman, coffee and end tables.

Marina was also featured as a notable new product at the Casual Market in Chicago.


Another innovative collection for 2012 is the Dolphin Collection, which features polyethylene resin, teak accents, a Sunbrella sling back in herringbone weave, and stainless steel cup holders, all over our sturdy tubular aluminum frame.

Our Dolphin Collection models the incredible maritime innovation of a catamaran, seamlessly melding multiple materials into a striking and singular design. Dolphin truly brings the craftsmanship of a luxurious vessel to land.

The Dolphin Collection was featured on the cover of the September issue of  Hearth & Home Magazine.


Deriving its’ name from Cimarron, New Mexico, our Cimarron Collection invokes hardy pioneer living, dusty Spanish Missions, and some of the Old West’s most infamous legends.

Although its design was inspired by the Old West, Cimarron combines clean lines and forged equestrian details with modern innovation to bring you the finest in style and comfort. Cimarron is crafted in wrought iron with our Ancient Earth finish.

Cimarron is available in deep seating lounge, spring lounge and arm chair options.


Featuring a double woven back fashioned after traditional rattan, and inspired by the colonial style of the British Empire; the Kipling Collection adds style to any outdoor space.

With dining and deep seating options available you can dine and recline in tribute to tradition, to the exotic with the handsome Kipling collection.


Oxford, England; where the Cherwell and Thames Rivers converge south of the city, a village steeped in architecture and knowledge, was the inspiration for our collection. Our Oxford is a cast and wrought aluminum hybrid collection with deep seating and dining options available.

Enjoy our take on traditional wood furniture, with Oxford’s sharply detailed cast aluminum lattice back, and the comfort of its wide arms.

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The SC Difference in Teak Outdoor Furniture

Inspired by a post on an outdoor blog recently discovered here at Summer Classics, we thought we’d share with you what goes in to making our teak products.

Teak table

First, the secret to a great piece of Teak furniture is all in the wood. Inferior quality Teak will usually have low oil content, resulting in cracking and splitting decreasing the life span of the wood.

Yacht Collection

The SC Difference is that we source the highest quality Marine Grade Teak to manufacture our outdoor furniture. Retaining very high moisture content, this premium teak is more resistant to cracking and splitting that can endanger your piece.

Our Yacht Collection is a fine example of teaks beauty and SC’s innovation.

The Ocean sweeps in and out in shades of azure, green and white, on to beige-pink sand, just as our Ocean Grande creates the same colors in Burmese high quality teak in mortise and tenon construction.

The Summer Classics Croquet Teak Collection is another example of the beauty of teak. Introduced from France to Britain in the 19th century, croquet became the fashionable game of the day. Our Croquet is crafted in marine grade teak with mortise and tenon joinery.This great outdoor material is just as beautiful away from the ocean as well.

Our Teak possesses extraordinary resistance to even the harshest of outdoor elements, including ocean exposure. While the color of Teak will inherently change over time, which can be appreciated in outdoor furniture as discussed in “Take a Peak at Teak,” we recommend an annual cleaning and sealing to help maintain and extend the life and beauty of the piece.

The Sc Difference in Teak; olid Marine Grade Teak with mortise and tenon construction. Resins are hand woven over a never rust, hand-welded aluminum frame finished with a baked-on high quality polyester powder. N-Dura™ Resin Wicker is guaranteed to last 4000 hours in direct sunlight and not experience any significant color change for 5 years.

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High Point Market October 2011

Summer Classics and our fine outdoor furniture traveled to High Point, NC for the International Home Furnishings Market. Before designers and buyers from around the world arrived for market the 22-27, the Summer Classics team was hard at work preparing our permanent showroom for the market visitors. A special SC thanks goes out to Chris Hutchens, our visual merchandiser; Carmen Squadrito, our sales rep in North and South Carolina; and Jeremy Rago, our national sales manager; for all of the diligent work they put into preparing our beautiful show space.

The Rustic Sectional welcomed visitors into the showroom, and was a delight for everyone to see and sit on as they came in. The sectional is new addition to the Rustic Collection for 2012, and was one of the most popular pieces at market.Rustic SectionalOur new Mahogany Finish was also a popular feature at market. The finish is available on many of our pieces, and is the featured finish of our new collection, Kipling.

Marina was another show stopper in High Point, and it is also finished in Mahogany.Every detail of Marina combine to make it extraordinary. The hand tied rope accents are not only special for aesthetic reasons, but the rope is crafted using the finest Sunbrella® fibers. That means it looks and feels like rope, and it holds up in all weather conditions the same way our fabrics do.

After all the work that’s gone into our collections it was rewarding to see the excitement of customers who knew us as a brand when they found our permanent showroom in High Point. We saw many new and old customers, and the show allowed us to share our products with them and exemplify our renowned southern hospitality.

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Fall Family Fun

Image from Back to Basics Blog

 Fall Family Fun

The smells of campfire and marshmallows roasting are bringing us back to our childhood days of camping with the family. Recreate your childhood this fall by gathering your friends and family around a campfire in your backyard. Bring gram crackers, chocolate, marshmallows and a few ghost stories to share. It’s the season with the best reason to be outside!

Spice up the traditional S’mores recipe with this one we found on

Taste of Home


8 large marshmallows

2 teaspoons fat-free chocolate syrup

4 whole reduced-fat graham crackers, halved

2 teaspoons fat-free caramel ice cream topping

DirectionsUsing a long-handled fork, toast marshmallows 6 in. from medium-hot heat until golden brown, turning occasionally. Drizzle chocolate syrup over four graham crackers; top each with two toasted marshmallows. Drizzle with caramel topping. Cover with remaining graham crackers. Yield: 4 servings.

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